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Prefecture of Xanthi: Fun in nature

Xanthi prefecture is an ideal tourist destination. It combines an exquisite natural environment with the tradition that nestles in each and every corner of this land, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Experts in various activities will introduce you to exciting adventures in nature, with the incomparable Thracian landscape in the background.

The following list of activities will give you an idea of new ways you can get a closer feel of mother Earth.

River descents:

Canoeing-kayaking, Canadian canoes: For action on calm waters, an ideal way to enjoy the superb nature surrounding the rivers of Thrace.

Kayaking: Single-user kayaks, for more intense, whitewater kayaking.

Rafting:A descent in an 8-10 person boat, in strong white water.

These activities are organized along the whole length of Nestos river, from the hydroelectric dam in Platanovrysi, through the Nestos Straits and the lakes, and all the way to the Nestos Delta.

Hiking, Mountain bikes, Horse-riding & 4x4 offroad tours.

All activities take place along amazing paths and passages on the Rodopi mountain range, in Nestos valley, the waterfalls of Leivaditis, the forests of western Rodopi and the riparian forest of the Delta. With the expert escorts-guides at your side, you will enjoy an insider’s view of the nature of Thrace.

Visits to mountainous settlements

Visitors have the superb opportunity to become acquainted with the mountainous settlements of the region, the well-known villages of Echinos area, that have maintained their character, language and customs unchanged, as well as the beautiful Nestochoria (villages of Nestos), and their particular rural identity. These are villages that knew their heyday through the cultivation of the most expensive tobacco variety in the world, and were decimated almost, due to the urbanism of the second half of the 20th century.

For other kinds of adventure lovers, there is also:

Mountaineering, Rappel, Canyoning and Caving.

Tours of archaeological and religious interest.

Bird and animal watching at Nestos Straits and Vistonida lake, a refuge to thousands of rare winged visitors, such as ducks, pelicans, flamingoes, white-tailed eagles and pygmy cormorants during the winter season, and herons, slender-billed curlews, spoonbills, glossy ibises and avocets during the summer season.

The Prefecture of Xanthi can offer the relevant tourist infrastructure for any occasion.

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