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Mountainous Xanthi


Mountainous Xanthi covers 70% of the Prefecture’s area, and is part of the Rodopi range. It spreads to the north of the Prefecture and, half way along, the stream of Echinos divides it into two parts. To the west lies the forest of Drymos, better known as Haidou, and to the east we find the villages of the mountainous Echinos region.

Villages of Interest

Stavroupolis, a large village next to the river Nestos, and 27 km from the town of Xanthi. A centre of tobacco cultivation until the 60s, it still bears strong signs of the economic prosperity of its past, both in its urban plan and its buildings. Of particular architectural interest are the large number of old stone-built houses with overhanging balconies supported by wooden beams, on the side of the street. In its economic heyday, the whole area was filled with two-storey houses that displayed a neo-classical influence.

Five kilometers to the south of Stavroupolis we come to Κomnina. In the village you will find eco-tourism facilities, a small conference centre, and the telematic system Ichnilatis.

Κaryofyto (Ano-Upper & Kato-Lower), is situated at an altitude of 570 m. In 1976, Kato Karyofyto was declared a traditional settlement because of its many buildings that are adorned with noteworthy architectural elements.

Following the route towards Rodopi range, we come to Leivaditis, in a basin surrounded by forests of beech, pine and birch. Then, after 10 km of asphalt road, we leave Leivaditis behind and arrive at a lush green area of 10 ha, with cobbled paths and suitably laid-out recreation areas, where the Forest Village of Erymanthos is located.

From the Forest Village, visitors can reach the imposing 35-metre high Leivaditis waterfall on foot after 30 minutes, along a signed path. To the north of the Forest Village we find the Monument of Nature, with its perennial beech trees and groves of fir trees, and finally arrive at Arkoudorema (the Bear Stream), with its trout.

Εchinos is the geographical centre of the mountainous Rodopi villages. It is also the commercial and agricultural centre of the region. It is a village with a great and valuable local history, which is related to its activities. Today, it is the largest settlement in the area, with three beautiful temples, charming niches, a very busy commercial street and several local state services (Health Centre, Police Station etc). The local population is very hard-working and hospitable. The majority are involved in the cultivation of agricultural products, like tobacco and many others.

After a route of 15 km through forests of oak, we arrive at Thermes, a village that is divided into three neighbourhoods, which are located at a distance from one another. In Thermes there is a Spa with modern facilities. Our final destination along this route are the lovely villages of Medousa and Kotani where we can enjoy moments of relaxation and serenity.